Creating a Cheaper and Less Complex Way of Living

We provide “tools”, so that our consumers can easily understand complicated contracts and complex fee structures.
That is Selectra’s mission.

Our mission

Inform the consumer.

Inform the consumer.

Countless people struggle to find easy-to-digest information on *life infrastructures in an attempt to reduce their cost of living. We, at Selectra, help you lead a smart consumer life through providing contract management support and information consulting, and ultimately removing obstacles such as difficult plan structures and complicated contract conditions to protect your rights to choose a service that is right for you.

*Life infrastructure are services and facilities that are an indispensable basis for one’s life. In general, it refers to electricity, gas, and water supply. At Selectra, we deal with information related to electricity and gas in addition to internet and SIM cards.

In order to accomplish this mission we have established four guidelines.

4 guidelines

1. Provide accurate, up-to-date, and easy to  understand information related to life infrastructure.

2. Make the process of choosing life infrastructure faster and less complicated for the consumer.

3. Inform the consumer so that they have the knowledge to make the correct decisions when they choose the life infrastructures that are right for them.

4. Introduce highly beneficial life infrastructure for the consumer.

Company profile

Company name Selectra Japan KK.

Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku 1-27-9, Okuyama building 5F

Establishment date 02/06/2016
Capital 1.3 million yen
Name of representative Managing director: Xavier Pinon

Business outline

Selectra is a French webmarketing company that provides useful life infrastructure information regarding electricity fees, city gas, LP gas, and internet for households and corporations. Currently we are doing business in 17 countries. We offer support for contract procedures, and we also provide information and price comparison for services related to one’s living for both individual and corporate customers.

We hope to contribute to reducing consumer living expenses in Japan through providing information related to price plans for one’s living infrastructure that is easier to understand.
In addition to displaying articles related to contracts/fees on the website, we run a customer service (Selectra “rakuraku” desk) at our call-centers.

Service contents

  • Electricity contracts
  • City gas contracts
  • LP gas contracts
  • Internet
  • Special price SIM cards
  • Carbon offset
  • Others

List of websites

Main service website. Posts ranging from electricity, gas, internet, and special price SIM cards up to streaming(VOD). Information about moving procedures is also included.

Denryoku Jigyousho: Articles of store information and contact information for electricity and gas companies all over Japan. Support for sign-up is also possible at one stop.

Den-gas Switch: Service website specialized in electricity and gas. Articles regarding fee comparison for each company. Comparison engines for electricity/gas included, in addition to information on how to save on fees, moving procedures,. and corporate plans.

Company history

2007 Head office of the group was established in France
2016 Business commencement in Japan
2019 Office established in Tokyo/Shibuya
2021 Office established in Osaka/Hirakata

Tokyo head office (Call-center attached)

Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku Higashi 1-27-9 Okuyama building 5F
(10 minutes walk from JR Shibuya station)

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Osaka office (Call-center attached)

Osaka-fu, Hirakata-shi, Okahigashi-cho 12-3 Sun Plaza 1st building 404
(3 minutes walk from Hirakata-shi station on the Keihan mainline)

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Head office of Selectra Group

66 Sebastien Mercier, 75013 Paris, France

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Contact us (Interviews, press-related, others)

We accept inquiries related to our company from the contact form below. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Inquiries related to interviews and the press
  • Inquiries about contents on the company website
  • Inquiries about employment
  • Inquiries about the call-center

(Looking for commercial partners) Would you like us to introduce your product?

At Selectra we are always looking for products to sell. If you partner with us, we can post (Web sales) your product on the Selectra website or introduce it through our call-center.

  • Electricity fee plans
  • Internet services (optical fiber cable)
  • Other services related to moving

Looking for real-estate partners

We are also looking for real-estate partners who will collaborate with us to introduce our service to their customers in exchange for commission. The size of the business does not matter to us. We are eager to collaborate with anyone in the industry to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

List of partners

【Electricity and Gas】

  • Looop Inc.
  • LPIO CO., Ltd
  • Genie Energy GK
  • Remixpoint, inc.
  • INFINI Co., Ltd.
  • CD Energy Direct Co.,Ltd.
  • MC Retail Energy Co.,Ltd.
  • NIPPON GAS Co.,Ltd.
  • OSAKA GAS Co.,Ltd.
  • Octopus Energy Group Limited
  • LENEX Co.,Ltd.
  • ZIGExN Co., Ltd.
  • CyberLand Co.,Ltd.

【Internet and Mobile】

  • en-jin Inc.
  • NEXT Co., Ltd.
  • Road KK.
  • Vision KK.
  • GigaMedia KK.
  • MEmobile Co., Ltd.